Friday, August 12, 2005


Uh, yeah, so I've just recently re-discovered some of my friends from high school through the Xangas of another friend. Wicked crispy! (Heh.)

I should link them, but right now I have to get ready for part two of the photography workshop with the Japanese students. And the 26-year-old-Matt-Damon-lookalike tutor. Rawr.

Also, I saw Harry Potter walking down the street as I was coming back to work this morning. Granted, he was probably 18, didn't have glasses, and was missing the tell-tale scar, but still. Looked Just. Like. Him.

Anna's got a birthday next week, what should I get her? (Preferably something easily and cheaply mailed, or carted along with me til I see her at Heathrow in three weeks and two days.) Casey also has a birthday, but she'll just have to wait til I get home. Anyone want anything from Germany, while I'm at it?


Bridget said...

First the Greek kid, now Matt do you meet these people?? I mean, I was in WB for a whole year and did not see either Harry Potter or Matt Damon. Clearly, I should have stuck around.
As for bringing stuff back to the States...I'd gladly take any Milka, Ritter Sport, Prinzen Rollen, or Haribo that you manage to smuggle in! I'd say Döner as well but don't think you can get that past Customs.

Anonymous said...

don't forget your old boss :)
i collect souvenir spoons remember...
something w/a "wit" connection