Monday, August 15, 2005

So, my family is back from vacation. I called yesterday to see how the trip was, and I talked to my cousin Cody. Turns out, he broke his foot while he was riding his dirtbike a week ago - his five (yes, all five) metatarsals broke when his foot got crushed by the footpeg on his bike. He's in a soft cast right now, but they're taking him to a specialist today to see if he needs surgery. He told me that on the x-ray, it doesn't even look like his toes are attached to his feet. And I am cringing just typing about this. Yeugh. (Side note: did you know you can cause a stress fracture in the metatarsals just by having a bunion? Yeah, neither did I!)

Other than that, their vacation was pretty good, my aunt says. They spent about 10 days in Montana and stopped to see Mt. Rushmore on the way back to Ohio. Apparently it's not as impressive in person as it is on postcards. Something about size being exaggerated -- typical men ;)

It's weird to think that I'll be back home in exactly 21 days... yesterday I was hit by a wave of nostalgia for this lil town. I can hardly believe that I've been here for over a YEAR and in less than three weeks, my time will be over. Granted, I'm thrilled at the prospect of being finished with this internship (don't get me started) and seeing my family again, but there are a lot of things I'm going to miss. I won't get into it yet, but if I am feeling inspired over the next few weeks, maybe I'll take pictures of my "favorite" places and post them on here.

Oh! I never wished Elizabeth a happy goodbye! She came to town as a "Luther freak" to work on her dissertation and left a good friend. As a friend of Jess, she became a friend of mine by default, but I think I can call her a real friend by now. It was really great to have someone to just to hang out with (and yes, I know I split my infinitive!) after work, whether we went to Radikal Kauf, the big Edeka, or just sat around and watched the Tour de France on tv.

Now she's back the States, and I'm bored as all-get-out. But, that just gives me more time to play Spider Solitaire... and hey, Elizabeth? 1205, baby. 1205. Heh heh. Miss ya! Keep in touch!


Kat said...

Awwww, poor Cody! I can't imagine how bad that hurts!
So three weeks until you go home? What are you doing then? That's gotta be weird, but I imagine good. It gets hard being 1200 miles from home, let alone the length of an ocean. Hopefully I will be back in Ohio at some point. I might be going to Cedar point in the fall. Anyway, not trying to make my own post here, just wanted to say hi! If I don't hear from you before then, have a safe trip home! Feel free to visit NO whenever you want!
PS-- Ryan Earhart has a Xanga site too. You can get to it through Jamie's.

Elizabeth said...

Heather--Not to rain on your Spider Solitaire parade, but when I cranked up the old computer and played my first U.S. game, I scored 1205 as well. So now our goal is 1206!

It's great to be home, but I miss you (and Radikal Kauf and Edeka)!!
Have a beer in my honor.