Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday! Big day. I'll start with something happy, shift downward slightly, then end with another bit of alrighty-ness.

1. Keep your fingers crossed for Bridget for the next couple of days, as she flies out to Minnesota for a job interview. Yes, they are flying her out for FOUR days for this interview. I think I'll have one more Midwest-transplant friend by Monday, don't you agree?

2. My cousin Cody (of the five-broken-metatarsals fame) is indeed having surgery today to put pins in not just one but four of the bones. They're not sure about the fifth, "they'll have to see when they get in there." Ugh. Anyway, his surgery isn't until 2:00 this afternoon (8:00pm here) - and that's if they're lucky and he gets in on time - so I won't hear how it went until tomorrow. Nothing like a bit of transcontinental stress to make a person sleep well, eh?

3. My Aunt Cathy is having surgery NEXT Thursday, so I'll update about that one when I know more.

4. And finally, happy birthday Dr. Barry!


Anonymous said...

Hope all the surgeries went well, I'm thinking of them, as I know it's not any fun for anyone involved!

Nicole said...

I also hope everything goes well with the surgeries! And I hope the job interview goes well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dr. Barry. . . *I love spritely lil Irishmen.

Bridget said...

Thanks for the happy thoughts! I meant to call you today but it was too late there by the time we got back from doing errands. I'll call back tomorrow.
Glad to hear Cody's doing better (but dissolving pins?! how bizarre!) He'll be enjoying all the attention when the school year starts though! And an excuse to get out of gym class...doesn't get much better than that.
And Happy Birthday, DB!
(PS- Thanks also to Nicole for the good luck wishes!) =)