Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Aaak! I just looked up my face wash to see if it is available in the States and it is NOT! What to do, what to do. I guess I will just have to stock up before I go home and hope that when I need more, I can bribe Jess into sending it to me. Damn you, Garnier!

In other news, we've planned my going-away dinner. It's next Wednesday at 5:30, a whole week before I leave, but there was really no other time to have it. We're not quite sure WHERE we will be eating, but we've got a week to figure it out. Heh.

Happy Birthday to my cousin Casey - she's 9 today. I think I've missed her birthday for about the past 5 years, due to college and now being here. Incredible. Sorry, Casers! I'll make it up to you :)

And here are a few awesome links:
Walken for President 2008
The Gorey Spoilery Alphabetic Guide to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, A-F Did you like HBP? Do you like Edward Gorey? Then this interpretation is for you! Amazing drawings, clever captions. (Warning, spoilers!!)


Anonymous said...

how about a pic of you & claudia's parents...a "wit" connection :)
wished you could have met her ...
btw, i would like a copy if you do
get the pic...

Anonymous said...

I haer you about the face wash...I can't get my face lotion here...I had thought about switching to the Garnie, but then realized I couldn't get it here either, sigh.....can I come back? Enjoy the rest of your time ~Pamela

Nicole said...

The dinner sounds like fun. :-)

Mmm... my computer doesn't want to load the Harry Potter page. I think it must be my net connection. :\ I'm intrigued though - will check it out sometime!