Saturday, August 20, 2005

Update! And not just Shoebox. Cody is fine. His surgery was on Thursday; he ended up getting five pins put in his foot, but they're the kind that dissolve (wtf, dissolving pins? What's next - dissolving stitches? Wait, they have those already... heh.) Anyway, he's got to stay off of his foot for the next two weeks (at the minimum) and then he'll have a cast for about the next 8 weeks. Nothing like starting school on crutches!

Also, they've started moving him out of his room and into Corey's, as I will be home in a mere 15 days and will need a place to sleep. My family rocks, I can't wait to see them again!

And a book recommendation: The Distant Land of My Father, by Bo Caldwell. I finished it this morning and it is amazing.

I'm off to an "international party" this afternoon and then to Erlebnisnacht, so have a lovely Saturday and stay cool!

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Nicole said...

I'm really glad to well your cousin's surgery went well! I hope the recovery goes quickly...

And I hope you had a blast at the party! :-)