Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sorry about the delay -- I've been dealing with some sort of a computer meltdown this week, plus my version of Netscape won't support typing an entry. So I'm forced to post downstairs or on a slow-as-molasses version of IE.

Anyway. I start my job at the ham place tomorrow. I can't say I'm really very excited about it, but a job is a job and I'll do my best. Also, it's only temporary, so I don't feel right about going in and trying to make a whole bunch of friends, no matter how desperately I need them. And the pay is less than I'd hoped for, but whatever. So long as I don't go further into debt, I think I'll be okay.

Not much else is new around here; I've been doing quite a bit of reading and a little bit of crafting. I've been trying to fix my computer since last night, when everything came up as "infected" -- so I recovered my hard drive. Thankfully my data files were still there, but unfortunately, some of my other programs went missing. So I've spent the day downloading Windows Media Player, an update of IE so I could restore ICQ, etc. All I need are Music Match Jukebox and MS Word, which seems to have disappeared completely, and which I cannot find a free copy of ANYwhere online. Anyone have any ideas of where to go to next?

Okay, enough from me. Hopefully I'll have some fun and interesting stories from my adventures at the ham place. Thanks for reading!!


Jessica said...

Dude, there is no special formula for how long you have to plan to work somewhere in order to be entitled to make friends! There is also no rule that the only people you can be friends with are the ones you work with.

So, you go in there, you work for a couple of months, you make friends... and then when you leave THEY ARE STILL YOUR FRIENDS!

If you "desperately need friends," then for pete's sake, let yourself have some!!!

Just a little friendly advice. :-)

Have a great first day!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Heather! I'm curious about what type of auditing goes on at a ham factory. I mean, is it like IRS auditing stuff? Or just internal bookkeeping? Or something else altogether? What kinds of numbers do you keep track of? Do you do the actual auditing, or is your position more about assisting the auditors? (The math major in me comes out of the closet, finally, after eight years of dormancy.)