Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Sunday

First of all, let me just say that I prefer Vintage Sorkin with my West Wing. I like to chuckle at the ridiculocity of Big Block of Cheese Day, or the Cartographers for Social Equality, or Josh being his goofball self or anything OTHER than following this campaign. Of course, I'm not gonna stop watching the show, but still. C'mon guys! Make me laugh! Stop giving me motion sickness by letting the cameras stay in one place for more than... a millisecond!

Secondly. The Witching Hour is this week. I depart on Tuesday and return on Tuesday next. You have no idea how incredibly excited I am about this symposium, even though I'm wicked broke. Anyone wanna float me a loan? Make a contribution to ensure my mental well-being?

I've hit four weeks of unemployment and man, does it suck. I have no friends in the general vicinity, nothing to show for myself since I've been back except two sets of glasses and library receipts too numerous to count.

But on a lighter note, I got a card in the mail yesterday from my First German Friend Ever (TM). It was a delightful card, and I stayed up way too late last night writing out a reply. I'm going to finish the letter before I go to bed and send it out tomorrow, when I take a bunch of resumes to the post office to mail. Oooh, the exciting life I lead!

And to steal a bit from Jess, the Advertising Slogan Generator!
  • What Can Heather Do For You?
  • Gotta Lotta Heather.
  • Because I'm Worth Heather.
  • We Bring The Good Heather To Life.
  • It's Different in a Heather. (heh.)
  • For Mash, Get Heather.
  • Bread Wi' Heather Taken Out. (wtf?)
  • My Goodness, My Heather!
  • Let's Face The Music and Heather.
  • How Do You Eat Your Heather? (seriously, who comes up with this stuff?)
  • Monsieur, with this Heather you are really spoiling us.

And my personal favorite:

  • Out Of The Strong Came Forth Heather.

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Anonymous said...

OH, have fun at the meeting. You'll defaintly have to let us know how it goes!!! ~Pamela