Sunday, November 06, 2005

My mental capacity at the moment is not as such for posting the entry about Christmas carols like I'd wanted to. Instead, you have to settle for some sort of variant on the itemized list I use so often. Sorry! Work makes me tired, even when I get paid time and a half.

--TWW live debate was tonight. Meh. I can't say I was too particularly blown away the whole thing. I guess I expected it to maintain some of the glamour of the show, instead of being like a real presidential debate. Now I remember why I don't generally watch debates - they bore me!!

--Goblet of Fire in less than two weeks! That more than makes up for any disappointments with the West Wing. I am very excited about the press junket for the kids this week: a new clip on Ellen tomorrow, Dan Radcliffe will be making the rounds on Thursday (the Today show, Regis and Kelly, Martha Stewart), Rupert will join him for TRL on Friday, Rupert will do the Today show next Monday, and Emma will take the seat next Tuesday. I'm going to have to buy a videotape!!

--My windshield is repaired. The cost: $100. Not bad at all, considering that it could have been much worse. But not very good, considering my limited funds. Thank god for overtime, but I won't be doing that every weekend.

--Marian Anderson is wonderful. Google her.

--I'm currently reading The Kite Runner. I think I like it, but I'm not quite sure what's happening or is going to happen. I generally like to know the basic plot of my books before I get into them, but I made an exception for Jen. In the bullpen: the seventh Stephanie Plum novel, some books about crafting and soapmaking, and some books about crafts and the history behind Harry Potter for...

--a class for kids I'm considering. There's a foundation in Perrysburg with facilities for teaching classes. It's pretty laid-back and easy-going, and I'm thinking about teaching a class for 3rd-5th graders (or thereabouts) on - what else? - Harry Potter.

--I had dinner with my cousin Leslie and her husband Bill this past week. I think she's one of my inspirations craft-wise, and she's definitely someone to look up to regarding my ambitions in life. I'll post more about that sometime later. Someone remind me, or something.

--It's only 10:15, but I'm tired. Our power went out last night (well, about 5am this morning) and for some reason I've been dragging all day because of it. I think because I was worried about not waking up for work, and when I did wake up, I couldn't take a shower because - lo and behold - we didn't have any lights in the bathroom. So, I'm off to bed. Thanks for reading!!


Abba said...

I so dig Marian Anderson. I dated a guy a few years ago who introduced me to her, and a bunch of other excellent African vocalists. Do you have any other recommendations?

I just finished The Kite Runner earlier this week. I found it compelling, but depressing, too.

Jessica said...

Dear Heather,

Everyone in the whole world wants you to write on your blog more often.

Jess :-)