Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's like a one of those grab bags from the dollar store*

What's been happening with me lately:

  • I'm going to take part in a wedding in August. My cousin Jamie is getting married and they've decided to have a memorial candle to remember those we've lost and those who can't be with us, and she and her fiance have asked me to light the candle. Nothing like the pressure to NOT burn down a church or wedding ceremony. Woo! But seriously, I'm so honored that they thought of me. I love my family!
  • I recently chatted with an old friend from high school who is going to law school just down the interstate. We've decided to get together on Monday evening for dinner. It should be quite fun; I haven't seen him since I lived in the dorms, which was ages ago. I'll let y'all know how it goes!
  • Jen and I have decided that if we're both working in Toledo once she gets back in July, we're going to live together once again. But this time we'll probably rent a house, because in T-town, it's just as affordable to live in a house as in an apartment. Plus, house! I think I'd like the responsibility of a house, actually.

Here are some random quotes from college that I found while cleaning my room (in Apt. 5 we had a quote wall, which we typed up before we all parted ways. We were some crazy ladies!!) --

  • "Dogs will love you unconditionally. Your children won't." - Kelly
  • "Our life is a 5 minute break from homework." - Jen
  • "People have been feeding my Love Santa too many cookies and now he's stuck up my chimney!" - Laura
  • "If I didn't make fun of you, who would?" - Jen Kel's reply: "God."
  • "Sin isn't supposed to be boring. That's why it's sin!" - Heto
  • "It's like when I was little and would dream about my wedding. My husband's face was always digitally re-mastered... like on the cop shows." - Laura
  • Heto on Jen's Korean vocab: "You need to learn, 'What sound did this animal make before you killed it?'"
  • "It's not every day you have a concert and a passed out artist in your living room." - Jen, on Benjamin Wagner
  • "Poke my eye out now. With a flaming hot rod." - Laura
  • And last but not least, the quote to end all quotes: "Why isn't there only one man in the world?... Oh yeah, stamina." - Laura

There you have it folks! An updated blog full of randomocity. Enjoy it!

*because there's no continuity whatsoever. It's just random stuff thrown together because that's all I can come up with. Should've just made it a list. Oh wait, I did.

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