Friday, January 06, 2006

Pop Culture Update!

Happy Friday! First off, to Maria: Brokeback Mountain is now showing in Ohio. I dunno what it was, but I checked last week or something, and it wasn't anywhere in Toledo. Now it's everywhere. I'll be dragging Jen along to see it once she's back from Mexico.

Secondly: to Jen: Casey did some name-dropping to her principal, so you have to go fill out an app at the admin building, or you'll give her a bad reputation. She did this without provocation - we were eating dinner on Wednesday and she was like, "I told the principal about Jen!" and we were all :-o - so now you have to. Ha!

Thirdly, to everyone else: happy happy link link!

The Narnia Rap. Love it!

Some band called Pants Pants Pants made one of their videos look exactly like the opening to Full House. It rocks.

Madonna knows best.

A Prison Break comic. It's pretty funny.



Anonymous said...

Jen -
Is it a success or a failure when a nine year old gets me a job? Gosh I love children.

Maria said...

Yeah, I heard that it finally opened after the first of the year. Yay for Ohio for finally getting something that Michigan's been hip to for a month now. You guys should come down to OSU to see it at the new campus theater!!! I need some company!!