Saturday, February 11, 2006

I've finished my (first) insurance class! Now I'm just waiting for the State of Ohio to get off its arse and process my license application, so I can take my exam and get to work!

In other news, ...there is no other news. I was so busy with that class this week that I really didn't do much of anything except for go to class and study the P&C manual we're working with. It was kind of interesting to meet other people in the insurance industry, though. Who knows if our paths will cross again, but it was fun at the time!

Also, Happy Birthday Uncle Ron! He turns 40 tomorrow, so whoop it up for him.

And! My birthday is a week from Monday. I almost wish I was still in elementary school, so I'd get the day off. Bummer.


Jessica said...

So how did you like the class? Are you still excited about this? Are you scared? Do you think you can do it? When do you get paid? :-)
More details!

Anonymous said...

Jen -

Jessica! Who needs money with all THAT charm and good looks?