Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I haven't watched any episodes of the latest edition of The Amazing Race. Tonight, after American Idol, I decided I'd flip it on and see where the teams were and which ones I liked/disliked. They FLEW TO GERMANY!! So naturally, I spent the hour in a bit of a nostalgia-induced stupor. What they did:

  • Flew to Frankfurt. Took a train (an ICE nonetheless!) to Stuttgart. Now, I've never been to Stuttgart, but I was still jealous of this development.
  • In Stuttgart, they went to the Mercedes-Benz factory where they got to take a test run on the M-B track (which is also known as the Wall of Death). This looked awesome.
  • THEN they got to drive down to Bad Toelz and Ellsbach Field where they searched for the Roaming Gnome in the giant field.
  • Their directions sent them to Bavaria Film, where they got dressed in Lederhosen and had to a) break (fake) beer bottles over their heads to find one with a label marked "Prost" - but they could only break the bottles whenever a cuckoo clock chimed. Thankfully said clock was rigged! or b) learn a traditional Bavarian beer dance. Heto = jealous!
  • After Bavaria Film, they drove to the pit stop which was in... MUNICH! At the Siegestor! I've been there! I know exactly where it is! Heto = SUPER JEALOUS!
This is why I need to be on TAR. My two favorite dudes so far (BJ and Taylor? Maybe?) are fun - AND THEY SPOKE GERMAN! They were able to ask where Leopoldstrasse was located. I was muy impressed, as most other teams just expected everyone to speak English.

In other news, Casey had her Sock Hop concert tonight, which was cute. While I was there, though, I saw some parent who looked EXACTLY like what Mike will look like in 15 years. Same hair, same facial structure, same everything. It was weird!

AND - I got the job! I'll be working as a sales associate starting next week. Making quite a bit less than I would like, but it's more than minimum wage, and they're willing to work with me re: the ham place for Easter.


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