Saturday, April 29, 2006

Today, we salute you!

You know those Bud Light commercials, the ones that salute various random professions? (We salute you, Mr. Bowling Ball Giver Outer!) Well, my friend Thom wrote me one tonight, when he should've been studying for his law school exams:

Thom: the parentheticals are the background singers

Thom: Today we salute you Ms. Insurance salesperson,

Armed with only an amortization table and a calculator

You don't hesitate to tell us when we're worth more dead than alive (kickin' the bucket)

P&C, health, auto, whatever our insurance needs, you're there to make sure our mistakes don't cost us a dime (rewarding incompetence)

Sure, your premiums are outrageous and your policies full of loopholes,

but you always make sure to stick it to the owner of that Geo that rear-ended us in the parking lot. (oooohhh my neck) So raise an elbow, mistress of the master policy, for if it wasn't for you, our whiplash would go uncompensated.


Maria said...

That is feckin' hilarious! Give the man an award or something!

Heto said...

I know! Dude cracks me up. Said he wrote it in 5 minutes, and I totally believe him. This is how he can be so successful in law school and, you know, have a life outside of it :)