Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Inspired by Jess and some other random person (I honestly don't remember who it was), I've signed up for NaBloPoMo. One post a day for the month of November. I can do it, right? It doesn't have to be substantial; it just has to be a post. Yeah, I can do it!

I'll post about Halloween tomorrow (gotta save something!), but I will leave you with the knowledge that having two jobs is taking its toll. I know this because as I was getting ready to come upstairs for the night, I had to put the milk away and then go brush my teeth, etc. Somehow I forgot to put the milk away as I passed the refrigerator and took it into the bathroom with me. Good thing I realized that I am crazy!

See you tomorrow, folks!

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Anonymous said...

aaahhh!!! the real world paying
wit world...