Friday, November 17, 2006

Scarlet and gray, all the way!

It is said that Toledo is the center of the Ohio State-Michigan conflict because it's part of Ohio and yet so close to Ann Arbor. Kevin doesn't understand just how fanatical people get about this game. Since he doesn't have a tv, we will have to go out somewhere to watch it tomorrow, and then he'll get to experience it live -- and what a game to experience! Two undefeated teams, ranked one and two.

I think it should be an interesting time, to say the least. :) Maybe I will have him post his reactions tomorrow.

Go Bucks!

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Anonymous said...

Andrew has been soooo pumped about te fact, he was so excited that he got up at 6.30 this morning (yes, the boy is crazy!). Not to mention, he consideres today to be Christmas in Novemember. Needless to say we will also be watching the game:) Go Bucks! ~Pamela