Monday, December 11, 2006

Remember when...

My aunt and I were watching Friends tonight and actually saw episodes that neither of us had seen before -- it was one where it was like an alternate universe. Rachael and Ross were married to Barry and Carol, Joey was still playing Dr. Drake Ramore, Phoebe was some exec-type til she got fired, and Monica and Chandler hooked up. What season are those episodes from? Why are there Bizarro!Friends? What is going on? Anyone! Help!

Two days until my vacation. I cannot WAIT. I will be sleeping for about 139084234 hours on Thursday -- I deserve it!

And randomly, does anyone know where I can get some kicky heels? Preferably in a bright blue or turquoise or something else that might go with brown? Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

What are kiky heels?? ~Pamela