Wednesday, January 23, 2008

OMG, Kristin -- the only thing your town is representing on "American Idol" is the CRAZIES!!!

The girl in the blue dress?? WTF!

The dude in the red pants, OMG!

On another note, we traveled to IKEA this weekend and had a great time! Two first-timers went with us, and they fell in love with Swedish innovation. Who doesn't love coat racks that fit in shoe boxes? And candles that are wicked cheap and delicious chocolate cake in the cafeteria?

Also, I'm on a total "Law and Order" kick, as of late. I especially enjoy the SVU episodes, but I'll watch the Criminal Intent version if it's on. Tonight I think I had 4 episodes waiting for me on the DV-R -- elation!

And to ask for a bit of advice, I've been thinking about Valentine's Day. I'd like to do a bit of holiday crafting, but I'm at a loss for ideas. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

how about a "sweets" cookbook...
find recipes you like & put
them together as a book & throw
in a little scrapbooking....

Lauren said...

I love Law and Order also. I love the channels that run episodes for 5 or 6 hours at a time.

For Valentine's ideas -- is this for Kevin? If so -- one year a made Jeff a little booklet titled
"50 Reasons Why I Love You". Each left page had 4 reason and then the right page had a photo/drawing, etc with the 5th reason. Then a few years later I did a follow up with "50 More Reasons Why I Love You". It was fun!

Kristin said...

first off: the girl in the blue dress..if we are thinking of the same dress...big er...earrings. Said she could sing, judges said no? Wait that's everyone...anyways, the blue dress girl was from NY NOT here!
And I don't remember the guy in the red pants so I can't defend against here. But you are right...that episode was horrible and Charleston does NOT have good singers.
Secondly...I wish we had Ikea here...I have never been but am amazed at what you say you find there. and order is awesome. SVU is my favorite.
Fourthly...Valentine's should do something red or pink with hearts!