Saturday, November 15, 2008

le sigh

I'm in the market for a new wallet. As much as I love the wallet that Jen sent me from Korea, I would like a long wallet in which I can keep my checkbook. I also want this wallet to have a change purse-type area, since I tend to accumulate a lot of spare change.

Well, I was perusing amazon this evening and stumbled across this Kenneth Cole wallet. It looks like it has a button clasp, which I like because a magnet could mess up my debit and credit cards. It also has a zip pocket for change. And it comes in cute colors, even if the only two available on amazon are black and cream.

HOWEVER, upon closer examination, it doesn't look like it's meant to hold a checkbook! WTF Kenneth Cole! I'm sure I could wedge my checkbook in there, but what about my checkbook register? These days, the damn register is more important than the checkbook, what with the popularity of the debit card! I've seen way too many people get in trouble by thinking that swiping your card at a store doesn't make a difference in your checking account balance. YEAH RIGHT, PEOPLE! JUST BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T WRITE A CHECK DOESN'T MEAN THE TRANSACTION DOESN'T COUNT!

Anyway, does anyone know of a cute wallet with checkbook and change compartments?

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