Saturday, November 15, 2008


I was bored tonight, so here are some various music videos I found on YouTube!

Rilo Kiley, Silver Lining. Weird video, but I like the song!

Old 97s, Time Bomb. Live from...somewhere. Rhett Miller is so dreamy!

Old 97s, Doreen. Live from... the same place. Different person, slightly better sound.

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, Follow the Lights.

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, Fix It. Live on Letterman. He looks so much grungier in this clip from last week than in the previous video. Take a shower, Ryan! Cut your hair and eat a sandwich.

Al Green, I Want to Hold Your Hand. This is one of my new favorite songs, thanks to Kevin. Not exactly a video, but at least you get to hear the song and put a little soul into your step!


Nicole said...

Old 97's have got to be one of the best live bands ever. I love those guys.

Heto said...

Aren't they amazing? I saw them in concert about a month ago and had such a great time. I'm trying to spread the love among everyone I know, but I don't know how successful I've been... oh well, that's just an excuse to keep trying!