Saturday, November 14, 2009

Big day today!

Last night Kevin and I went to dinner at the home of one of my coworkers and her husband. We had a tasty pork tenderloin with some roasted carrots and some vinegared green beans and THE most delicious pecan-walnut-apple pie! I'll definitely have to get the recipe from him because it was amazing.

But today, I've got a pretty full agenda. Kevin wants to go see 2012, so I am going to indulge him and we're going to go to a matinee. (Actually, after reading some of the reviews, I want to see it because I have to see just how ridiculous this movie can be!) Jen might be joining us, and then I might rope her into helping me make party invites and finish my holiday cards. AND I want to try my family fudge recipe.

We also want to try to squeeze in a trip to the library, which we'll have to do today, as the library system has had to change their hours due to budget cuts. That means no more lazy Sunday library trips, at least for the forseeable future :(

Anyway, hopefully the next time I report I will have good things to say about movies/crafts/my cooking skills. Fingers crossed!

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Marilyn said...

you are tiring me out! I am going to brunch! :-) No other plans! But will be anxious to hear how your day goes.