Saturday, November 07, 2009

Yes, please!

For lack of anything better to do on a Saturday morning, I am window shopping. As in, I have many, many internet windows open with such cute clothes and shoes that I would like to own!
Lucky for you, it's NaBloPoMo, so you get to see what I am ogling!

These shoes: pointy-toed, kitten heel, with a BOW! A sexy black shoe, but it's also available in Gold Royal Satin and Royal Silver. Oooh!

And there's no way I'd be able to wear these shoes, but they are too awesome! Turquoise, peep-toe, super cute jewel accent on the toe!
What a great dress! It's so chic and sassy. I wonder if it's something I'd be comfortable in at work?

I have absolutely nowhere I'd wear this one, but I love it anyway!

I'm also looking for a "grown-up" purse, but I don't know how to find one. I'd like a bag that's going to last a long time without falling apart, but I don't want something that's got the designer plastered all over the front (Coach, I'm looking at you!). Just a basic leather bag. Suggestions on where/how to find one?

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Bridget said...

I love both of those shoes! (I have a slight obsession with shoes, though..) I also really like the first dress; it definitely looks work-appropriate yet you could dress it up more if you wanted to wear it someplace nice.

About purses, I don't know so much about leather ones but I have a small one from Nine West that isn't logo-riffic and has held up well for at least 3 years now. And I take it everywhere. I think I got it at Macy's or someplace like that. DSW also has some bags, but they seem sort of hit or miss.