Thursday, March 25, 2010

My family!

Last month, I visited with my Aunt Noonie. She is the youngest of my grandma's siblings and such an awesome lady.

While I was there, she showed me a ton of old family pictures of our family. These pictures aren't limited to her family, but also include my grandpa's family, as my Aunt Noonie's husband (my Uncle Paul) was my grandpa's brother! Three sisters married three brothers, not just once but TWICE in my grandma's family.

So anyway, here are a few of the pictures she shared with me.

This is my grandpa's mother, Catherine Mills (middle), and two of her sisters. I looooove this picture! They look so carefree on the beach.

Hazel Utter is my grandma's mother. I know that she and her family traveled out west, but I'm not sure why. Here are a couple pictures of her from her adventures, then when she was pregnant with some of my grandma's siblings, then again when she was older.

I really love looking at these old pictures. I wonder about how the women in my family grew up, had children, lived their lives, and somehow still managed to look pretty happy. (Beautiful Catherine is the exception here. I don't have time to tell her story today, but I hope that someday I will be able to share it. Not to be cryptic, of course, but it's a sad tale that doesn't have a happy ending. All I really wanted to do here was post some pictures!)

I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse of my family. There are many more photos that can be shared if you are interested.

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Anonymous said...

Well Heather, it has been 5 months since your last post. Are you only going to post the month of November!