Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chirp Chirp

First things first: Ohio State did win yesterday, but I was not correct in the margin of victory - the final score was 37 to 7. It was pretty lopsided even from the beginning.

Secondly, I had to go to JoAnn Fabrics yestterday for some material...and I left with a Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter! When Jen was over today for Second Thanksgiving, she and I played around with it to see what kinds of cool things it could do - and it's pretty amazing! The Cricut came with a font and basic shapes cartridge, but I also bought the Winter Woodland cartridge, which can cut out snowflakes and various wintery animals, sports, etc. There's even a secret font! It's great because you can create different effects and cut out different layers to each project, so the ice skates aren't all the same color and the poinsettia has a red flower and green leaves.

I know that Cricut cartridges can be pretty expensive, which is why I limited myself to one useful selection yesterday, but I will definitely keep my eyes on ebay for some used ones. I think I prefer the shape cartridges with secret fonts, instead of just letters and shapes. They seem more interesting to me - plus it's a pain to tape or glue all those letters individually ;)

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