Thursday, November 04, 2010


If you aren't watching this show, you are missing out! It's got a great cast, including Joel McHale and his fabulous bod and Chevy Chase.

The premise: a group of misfits bonds over a study group (1st season: Spanish class with Senor Chang. This season: Anthropology!). Tonight's episode involved a Mean Girl throwdown and a secret trampoline. The Halloween episode involved a zombie-esque epidemic, and there was recently an episode about a space simulation.

I know, it sounds crazy and ridiculous, but somehow it works. Check it out so I have someone to talk to about this amazing show!

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Bridget said...

I LOVE Community! It's the one show I have to catch every week. Somehow I'm feeling like this season isn't quite living up to the standard that last season set.. but still very funny. The zombie episode was ridiculous!