Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The holidays are just around the corner

They'll be here before we know it... and I have a list of gifts I have to make/buy/conjure out of thin air! I would love to do crafty gifts, but I know that not everyone would appreciate them. Plus, I am great at starting projects, but not so great at finishing them.

What are some quick and easy projects that look like they took a lot of time? Things I can do: knit, crochet (with assistance), cross-stitch, embroider (beginning), paper crafts.

I would love to do a customized cookbook for my 14 year old cousin, but what kinds of recipes do you put in a cookbook for a pretty talented young chef?

And what about someone who is trying to eliminate clutter from her life?

I can't list everyone I'm shopping/crafting for, as some of them read this blog, but hopefully they will comment with some Christmas ideas! It's getting to be that time, ladies - I need lists!

Anyway, at least I am not complaining about my job or Kevin's job today, which is a plus. Tomorrow is another day, my friends, and one day closer to Christmas. Aaaacck!

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Anonymous said...

You should make an IPad that comes with the game Plants Vs. Zombies...I'm sure it'll turn out great!