Monday, November 08, 2010


I don't think I like Kohl's. I can never find anything that I want when I am at Kohl's. Their clearance sections always looks like they've exploded. They don't have tall pants. It always seems like there are 390823909847 racks shoved into a space the size of a closet. And the checkout lanes are always so confusing!

So can someone explain to me why I keep shopping there? And occasionally finding cute things? I went there tonight to find some new pants for work, and while I was unsuccessful in that venture (go figure!), I did find a cute clearance cardigan. It's short-sleeved in a light cocoa color, and it's got some brown and pink print on the bottom right and top left, and there's a bit of embroidery along the design. Super cute and it was only $12!

It's like you're mocking me, Kohl's, because just when I'm ready to give up on you, you have one super cute thing buried in the racks that I must own!

You have won this time, but in the end, I shall prevail!

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