Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Turkeys Allowed

We have no plans for Thanksgiving. I'm kind of excited about this, since we are having six (!) or eight (!!) people over for Second Thanksgiving on Sunday. A few years ago, I was frustrated about not having any leftovers because we didn't have dinner at home, so we invited Jen and Seth and Janna over for "second thanksgiving" so we would have all of the extra food... and now it has blossomed into a meal that is bigger than going to eat with family!

And I am having a very tough time with my Christmas list. I have two things. And one is lotion. This is impossible.

Also, WHAT is that song in the Eat, Pray, Love DVD commercials? I am hearing that song EVERYWHERE and I don't know what it is. Driving. Me. To Crazy!

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Marilyn said...

Better hurry.... christmas lists are due tomorrow! Remind Kevin! And yes, mine is coming later today.....(but it is not much better than yours!)