Friday, March 04, 2011

Thirty before Thirty

So, when I was having my life crisis the other week, I realized that next year, I'm going to be thirty. Thirty. The big 3-0. Next year. As in, the year after this one. And I'd like to have some accomplishments under my belt by the time I get there!
If you search "30 before 30" you'll probably find a lot of lists with things like "climb Machu Picchu" or "swim the English Channel" but I don't have a ton of time to finish my challenge. Therefore, while I will have some much-harder-to-accomplish goals, I'm not going to make it so impossible that I won't be able to complete anything!

I'll come back to this post to create my list and update it as I get things done. Follow along with me on my journey!

  1. watch AFI's Top 100 movies
  2. make croissants from scratch
  3. make soft pretzels
  4. go to a Detroit Red Wings game
  5. sew a quilt
  6. sew an outfit
  7. learn Spanish (or enough Spanish to have a basic conversation)
  8. visit 3 new ballparks (major or minor league) (2/3)
  9. run a 5k
  10. get a pedicure
  11. go on a cruise
  12. start my Presidential book quest - read 1 book about each president, in the order in which they were in office.
  13. finish my 12-year-long cross-stitch project
  14. complete a 1000+ piece puzzle
  15. make and send Christmas cards
  16. pay off 1 student loan
  17. pay off 1 credit card
  18. finish Casablanca wall hangings
  19. learn to play a song on the banjo
  20. learn to play Happy Birthday on the accordion (shout out to Victor Martinez!)

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Jessica said...

Hi Heto! I like your list. :-) I forgot about blogging for a while, but then I remembered. (I know you're grateful for the play-by-play.)