Sunday, November 20, 2011


Somehow, in the course of two text messages, Kristin managed to get me sick. She let me know that she was all sneezy and snotty and gross, and then not half an hour later, *I* started feeling sneezy and sick! Try to find a way to use your powers for good, Kristin, instead of evil.

This is alright, though. I've got to work tomorrow, but I'm off on Tuesday and Wednesday, plus of course for Thanksgiving on Thursday. I've just got to get through 9 hours at work and I can come home and take a nap.

Sadly, I did not get as much accomplished over the weekend as I would have liked. I did get through 1.5 chapters of studying, but I didn't re-take my chapter 15 test, nor did I take my options progress exam. I really want to get a chart from my boss that apparently is a MAGICAL TOOL for passing the test. Memorize this chart, everyone says, and you won't have any problems! So rather than waste my time and have to retake the test because I've failed it yet again, I'm just going to wait. Hopefully he can pencil me in tomorrow, otherwise I'll have to wait til Wednesday.

Also, I bought some more storage containers for the office. I just have to actually go in there and do some work. I could've done that this afternoon if I had done some studying yesterday, but instead, I laid on the couch and watched a movie today. I wish I could just buckle down and be motivated!

Anyway, I'm going to take some nyquil and go to bed in hopes that I'll feel much better tomorrow. Only 10 more days of NaBloPoMo, isn't that crazy?

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