Saturday, November 19, 2011

Since I'm thinking about it right now, I guess I should blog. I'm just going to blog a list today.

  • I've been listening the hell out of Fleetwood Mac's Rumors. Like, once or twice a day for the past week at least. Maybe I will put this CD on my Christmas list for when my 6-month unlimited free Spotify trial is over. Oh wait, Kevin owns it. Nevermind on the Christmas list idea!
  •  One thing I am looking for is a super address book. I want something kind of fancy, since I plan on having it for the long haul. I've got a regular one floating around the office somewhere, but it's probably buried in a box of papers that need shredded, or something. But anyway, I've been thinking about upgrading it anyway. Maybe leather? At least 5.5x8.5"? Like the size of a piece of notebook paper folded the hamburger way. Or 8.8x11. Just not one of those dinky pocket sized address books. My addresses deserve more respect than that!
  • The living room is full of boxes of high school/college memorabilia right now, and I really need to take some of it out to the trash. I've got four boxes of books to put on the bookshelves, but I kind of want to go through the books first to see if there's anything that I can sell or just toss. (Speaking of, have you read BJD yet? Are you loving it? Isn't it so v. v. good?)
  • I am excited to put up a Christmas tree this year. I don't think I put one up last year and it made me sad. But I really want to make some ornaments to put on the tree, and I'm not sure I'll have time because of studying. I did, however, buy some cards so if you'd like one, make sure I've got your address! (See above note about missing address book. If I had your address before, better just assume that I don't have it anymore.)
  • Because I am sending out cards, this means I need to buy stamps. I looked at the post office website yesterday and there are some pretty awesome stamps these days! I really like the current holiday stamps - Christmas ornaments on one set, and wintry evergreens on another. How to choose? Also, they've got a sweet Edward Hopper stamp and he's my favorite. This is incentive to send more mail so I can buy more stamps.

Alright, Jen's coming to town in 2 hours and we're going to the Walleye game tonight, so I should probably shower and nicely arrange these boxes before she gets here. And study, you know, if I have time.

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