Saturday, November 12, 2011

We're watching King Kong right now. It's a pretty cool movie so far, but we're being rudely interrupted/distracted by the elephants upstairs. They're playing music, which normally would be fine/not a problem, except that their speakers are on the floor and the bass is just out of control. It's rattling things downstairs. I think this is ridiculous.

Unfortunately, we can't just call the cops on them like I'd like to do because you can't really hear the music from outside the house.

We (I) also have to deal with them when they listen to complete discs of HIMYM and Big Bang Theory because we (I) can hear the theme song every twenty minutes.

I really wish these people would move out or at least learn to be more considerate. It's pretty effing ridiculous.

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Marilyn said...

I can relate.... I have some very inconsiderate neighbors next to me and they start playing loud music and video games at 11 pm! UGH!