Saturday, November 09, 2013

Day nine

Oh man, almost forgot to blog! Good thing I sat down at the computer before I went to bed, or I would have missed today!

This afternoon after helping my cousins move, I headed back over to the house where Kevin was cutting, spraying, pulling ivy off the house. I grabbed a rake and started cleaning out all of the various planting beds. I got about 2/3 done before we decided to head inside to tackle the bathroom.

AAAAAAAAaand what a project the bathroom is going to be. We thought we would be able to just pry off the wall tile but it is not going to be easy in the least. Somehow, whenever the bathroom was done last, some geniuses decided that they were just going to affix the tile to the wall with concrete. WHO THE HELL DOES THIS BECAUSE IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE.

These people also decided that they were going to glue down ugly little square tiles on top of beautiful, sturdy octagonal tile (that is stuck to the floor which is made guessed it, concrete). Initially we were trying to get down to the concrete because the octagonal tile is covered in an awful yellowing adhesive. BUT! partway through the chipping up of tile, I noticed that not all of it is covered in adhesive. Somewhere during the re-tiling they switched glue and it's not bad at all. So we're going to try to salvage what we can and patch the tiles we already pulled up.

Wish us luck - this home ownership stuff is cray cray!

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