Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day ten

Favorite pain relievers - go!

Seriously though, I have this nerve in my lower back that gets aggravated very easily... and raking leaves and pine straw for hours combined with attacking the tile floor in the bathroom has not helped matters. I've been taking ibuprofen but would something like Aleve be better?

I think we finished up all of our landscaping projects today. This is good because we're supposed to get a cold snap and there's potential for rain/snow tomorrow afternoon. Kevin got the rest of the ivy off the brick and I raked all of the leaves and pine straw to the curb for about 3 hours. I think we have three mature maple trees which means a LOT of leaves. And pine trees that drop needles and cones. This will not be my favorite autumn task, I can already tell you.

The bathroom floor is giving us fits. Did I mention yesterday that we discovered the awesome original octagonal tile under the weird square tile floor? Well there's a weird line that goes across the whole floor where it looks like someone had to tear out the tile to maybe replace a pipe or something, but they couldn't find original tile so they just covered it all up. We've got to figure out a solution. I want to keep this tile because it looks so amazing. There's got to be a way.

We also started smashing walls. Have you ever tried hitting a tile and concrete wall with a sledgehammer? It feels like what you'd imagine. And it's loud. But we asked Corey to come over to help us tomorrow after he's done working so when my arms are about to fall off, he can take over.

Kevin and I are both off work tomorrow for Veterans' Day, but then he's at work for nine days. I've got to create my own list of things to get done while he's gone, including but not limited to:

  • cleaning the kitchen in the new house
  • patching the plaster in the living room and dining room (nail holes!)
  • painting the living room (and dining room?)
  • order bathroom fixtures and arrange delivery
  • look into restoration tile
  • how to get rid of a garbage disposal
  • how to clean a koi pond
  • how to fix a doorbell

I'm tired already!

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K said...

800 mg Ibuprofen! Take 1 and it fixes anything. Take 1 and a flexeril and you'll go right to sleep!