Thursday, November 04, 2004

Having light...

Today, I am sad. I didn't know that Kerry conceded the election til Sven called me and asked me what a person says when someone has died. "Uh, 'I'm sorry for your loss'?" "Well, I am sorry for your loss of democracy." I think it is okay to be sad. Being in a foreign country, I feel incredibly alone, because despite the sympathy from well-meaning Germans, there really isn't anything that can be done. I can't go out and change the face of politics in America, at least til I get back to the States. I can't get together with friends and vent about how unfair the whole mess is and wonder who in the HELL voted for Bush despite his horrible track record.

I think Benjamin has best expressed a lot of the hurt and anger and frustration and confusion that is throughout the country (and the world) today:
Dudes, this guy lied bold-faced to the world about a war that didn't have to happen. He has henchmen on his team who advocate stripping prisoners and stacking them on top of one another. He's spent $140B on a high-tech war but can't even armor his military's vehicles. This is a guy who says no big government then rips us out of surplus and plunges us into deficit. Oh, thanks for my $300 check, and your assault on gay marriage.

I don't get it. I can't pretend to understand how it happened. But I know that we can't bend over and let the Republicans have their way with us anymore.

I read a lot of online journals, and I read a lot of interesting things so far today that let me keep hope. Pineapple Girl reminds us not to give up. We aren't in a position to just pull the covers over our eyes til 2008. Change needs to start NOW -- there are more elections in 2005. Maybe not for president, but there are still local elections and state-wide elections. How can we possibly try to change the federal aspect of our country when we don't pay attention to the parts that affect us even more?!

I agree with Rob in that the Democrats need to stop nominating weak candidates. We witnessed the excitement over Howard Dean -- we know it is possible! If only the party would back such a candidate instead of spoiling their chance to really make a difference.

We've got four years. Let's not waste them! Join PG's Light Campaign. Witt's motto is 'Having Light, We Pass it on to Others' -- we each have a little light, but together our light grows stronger and brighter. Support Democratic candidates throughout the next four years. We CAN make a difference -- it's just up to us to take the initiative!

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