Thursday, November 11, 2004

Man, you know your German skillz can't be that bad when the guy at the bank who is helping you open your account comments on how well you speak the language!

And you know the whole damn world was paying attention last week when he notices that you are from Ohio and asks you if you voted!


One week til I go home! Am thinking about going to Berlin this weekend for a language conference. Am also thinking about going to Berlin TOMORROW to stalk the cast of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, who will be in the city for a press conference! Am also sad that my Colin Firth will be on the Today Show AND Letterman next Thursday, and I leave next Friday. Sadness on this last one.

Obviously my blues are a little less blue today, which is good. I'm trying to keep busy (reading Wicked is helping!) and finish my translation work. An extra fifty Euros this week would have been very helpful, but alas, I am a slacker and am not finished with the stuff yet. *Sigh*

Anyone know how to make a lamp? Or if penne tossed with olive oil and parmesan cheese will make an adequate dinner? (Man, I really need to get paid, or get this 50 Euro, or SOMEthing, or I will starve this weekend, because I refuse to take more money out of my account at home. REFUSE!)

Okay, enough randomocity for one day. Happy Thursday, and Happy Weekend!

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