Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Oh man, two entries in one day!

So, as a part of the work that I am doing for the Global Ethic center, I had to proofread a 20 page paper (in English). My contact on this mini-project and I decided to meet today to go over what I though. Well, I hadn't heard from him all day, so I sent him an email with my changes and questions, etc. Not five minutes later, I get a call from him asking if we could meet this afternoon to go over everything. Obviously he had not checked his email, but we decided that if he had any questions over anything, he'd call me up and we'd meet before I go home today.

Immediately after this conversation I removed a blueberry sucker from my mouth and replaced it with gum. No need to go to this meeting with blue teeth! (Although I'm afraid my tongue is stained for quite a long time. Damn you, lollipop!)

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