Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Lest you think that I actually DID become a zombie, rest assured that I am indeed still alive. Just bored and unable to post anything witty or funny or remotely interesting.

This past weekend was ridiculously busy -- after staying out late again on Friday (Stammtisch!), I woke up at 6:30 on Saturday morning to go to Berlin with Jess. Her friend Elizabeth has just moved to Germany and we had to pick her up at the airport. Unfortunately, her plane in Chicago was delayed and we ended up sitting at Berlin Tegel for five and a half hours. Good thing I had my "bag o' fun," as Jess called it, with a (really bad) book, some crossword puzzles and my GameBoy. But Elizabeth finally made it, so welcome to her!

Then Sunday involved baking a cake (or two) for Jessica's birthday. We made the standard "American chocolate cake" and Steffi made a "typical German chocolate cake" -- mmm delicious! We headed back to Jessica's to watch both Bridget Jones movies, where my declaration that I'm currently looking for a Daniel Cleaver - and not so much a Mark Darcy, at least not yet - was thoroughly scandalous!

Monday was Jess's actual birthday, and Steffi and I (along with the rest of our friends in Wittenberg) had planned a surprise grillfest for her. I had to meet Jess at the Marktplatz, where I blindfolded her and led her through the streets to the Akademie terrace, where everyone was waiting. I think she was surprised :) It was a lovely evening, perfect weather, good food, great friends, lots of fun. So Happy Birthday Jess - may you have many more great years to come!


In non-news, I hate my job today and I am ready to come home. But that's nothing new. How many more months til September?

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Anonymous said...

You're alive /or perhaps this is just someone mascerading as you...hmm....auf jedemfalls (as I can't think of a good translation), I've been trying to get a hold of you. perhaps I will try yet again tonight....I can toatally feel your frustration as I'm reaching that point as well! ~Pamela

Also, happy (belated) B-day Jess!!