Thursday, May 19, 2005

My So-Random Life!

Dude, you won't believe this! So, I was having the Worst Day Ever (TM) - not only was I forced to run around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I was given all sorts of random and ridiculous tasks, such as "give your key to the new boss because she doesn't have a key to the secretary's office yet." Needless to say, I am Currently Without Key. Also, I had to go to the Cranach House to pick up "a few things" that the prof from Wisconsin left here. "A few things" turned out to be two bags full, but I accomplished this on the way to show a new group of kids some places where they could eat lunch. Super Döner, baby!

However, on the way back, I saw Steffi and was able to say goodbye to her, as she leaves tomorrow for Venice. Viel Spaß, Steffi! Have a great time!

And, the most random thing that happened to me today, I saw a former professor of mine from Witt! Molly Johnson, who was an adjunct (I think) my junior year, is apparently doing interviews with people in Wittenberg and is staying in the Leucorea! WEIRD. I saw her earlier but it took me a bit to place her, and then I had to find her again to make sure it was her. But, it is! And we're going to meet for dinner or something tonight. Woohoo, fun!

That definitely made my day a bit better. Yay for weird twists of fate :)

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Anonymous said...

tell molly i said hi...she was
a student here too & bugged me
to death during her 411 class :)