Friday, November 18, 2005

Blogging in two minutes or less!

Happy birthday, Mike! And happy belated birthday, Kathleen! Sorry I could not be in Springfield / Philly to share your days with you.

Work is alright. Annoying Sniffling Girl is still annoying and sniffling, but not quite as much as earlier in the week. Thank god! And Annoying Kiss-Ass is also still annoying and still a kiss-ass, and just as much if not moreso than before. Gah! He drives us all nuts, sometimes.

Easy brownie recipe? Prepare brownie mix and pour into pan. Add unwrapped mini-reese's cups in geometric pattern (I prefer the classic stripes - also works as cutting guidelines!) and bake as directed. Caution: brownies will puff up around the cups, but not cover them. OR! For a minty variation: don't add the pb cups. Instead, bake brownies as directed, but remove from oven approx 3-4 minutes before they should be done. Cover surface of brownies with unwrapped peppermint patties. Return to oven for the remaining time. When you take the brownies out of the oven, use a butter knife to create a lovely swirly effect out of the patties. Mmmm!

Goblet of Fire! I'm going tomorrow! Don't spoil it for me! (Heh. Right. You can't spoil it for me, but don't spoil it for my other readers who aren't quite so obsessed as I am.)

And speaking of obsessed - I know I've gushed about Harry and the Potters, but I did not know about Draco and the Malfoys... sample lyrics:
My dad's always there to open all my doors
You have to call a Patronus just to catch a glimpse of yours
My mom says she loves me when she tucks me into bed
How's your mom doing in the Mirror of Erised?


Anonymous said...

Jen -

ooohh poopsie, will you bake me minty brownies when I see you?? All I want is a ruddy baked good. Is that too much to ask???

Jessica said...

Oh my dear lord I am drooling in anticipation of these tasty brownies that I will be baking when I get to the land of Resse's and a house with an oven.

Jen, dear, come visit me. We are up to our armpits here in ruddy baked goods!

Jessica said...

I just noticed what a horrible disservice I did to the word Reese's. Apologies all around.