Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Just a quick one, and I'll work on a "What I'm Thankful For / Retrospective" when I get home from work.

Anyway, half my department isn't coming in today. They don't think anyone is coming in, but don't tell them that indeed, some of us are having more than a 2-day week. Shhh!

My family has been watching the Harry Potter movies in preparation for seeing Goblet tomorrow - that is, after the experiment with the turkey roaster. Our oven is kaputt, so my aunt is going to try to use my grandma's roaster. Too bad no one remembers how it works! (Thanks, grandma, for getting up at 6:00am to start making the turkey every year! Not to mention making me grow up thinking that the turkey really did take 8 hours to cook. Sheesh!)

Alright, off to the last day of work before the holiday. (Don't worry, I'll be back at work on Friday. Woo! Buy some hams on Black Friday!) Have a good one!


Jessica said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Heto!

Anonymous said...