Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Something that is sad and pathetic about my life right now is that I have absolutely no one who wants to go see Goblet of Fire with me this weekend!! I'm willing to go alone (hell, I saw Prisoner of Azkaban by myself, what makes this any different?), but it's always more fun if there's someone to share the excitement. So, that being said, any of you in town for the weekend and want to go see the latest installment of the Harry Potter saga?

Work at the ham place is alright. I don't want to go in the mornings, but that's because I'd rather be sleeping while it's still dark outside. Who wouldn't rather be sleeping, though? But once I get there, the first few hours aren't that bad. It's when my crazy coworkers get there that things start to go downhill...

See, I think I'm fairly proficient at auditing the thousands of dollars of orders that pass through our department each day. I can probably process anywhere between $7,000 and $10,000 worth of orders in an hour (note to self: keep tally of orders tomorrow at work!), but I work with some CHATTY SLOWPOKES who process 1/10 that much in the same amount of time. It's very frustrating, because we have to check each order twice, and consistently there are mistakes in the orders processed by the slowpokes. Yes, that's what the double-check is for, but dude. It's not that hard to make sure that "Christmas" and "Thanksgiving" and "Season's" are all spelled correctly. Seriously. Sometimes I wish we had three fewer people in the department just so we wouldn't have to deal with them. *sigh*

Anyway, it's time to hit the road, jack. But I'll come back in a few hours. Quit tryin' to get rid of me!!


Abba said...

If you're desperate enough to drive to Chicago, you're welcome at my Goblet of Fire party.

Jessica said...

When I see you title, I can only think of the name Juerg. Funny. :-)