Saturday, March 25, 2006


From Styro and Estella

Candy Bars
1. Milky Way Dark - mmmm dark chocolate and caramel!
2. Whatchamacallit - I can't remember *why* this is one of my favorites, other than that it just is. I haven't had one in ages, because they aren't stocked in vending machines. Bastards.
3. Twix - it's like two candy bars in one!
4. Snickers - they really are super-filling, even if they're not healthy, and the ice cream ones are diviiiiiiine
5. Reese's Peanut Butter EGGS - it's Easter season! Hallelujah!

Shows that were on Nickelodeon that year my parents had cable when I was a kid
1. Hey Dude - with Vinny from Blossom, awesome, dude!
2. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
3. Adventures of Pete and Pete
4. Double Dare
5. Doug - best cartoon ever, and he totally reminds me of Thom. Plus, who doesn't want a dog named Porkchop?
6. Pinwheel - pinwheel, pinwheel, spin me around, look through my pinwheel and see what I found!
7. Legends of the Hidden Temple
8. Mr. Wizard - I remember the one where he cooked the eggs wrapped up in foil in the sun. Awesome.

Disney cartoons:
1. I... can't even think of any Disney after listing all those Nick shows. Probably because Disney was a "premium" cable channel. Jerks.

Video games I’ve played
1. Mario Kart
2. Super Mario 3
3. Tetris
4. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (Super Nintendo, yo)
5. 007 for N-64

Inventions (all-time)
1. light bulbs
2. toilet paper
3. the printing press
4. chairs
5. drinking glasses

Favorite Office Supplies
1. post-its
2. really good pens
3. legal pads
4. stapler
5. le sharpie

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