Thursday, November 02, 2006


So, I'm sure that if you listen to the radio, you've heard Hinder's "Lips of an Angel" -- a song I despise with my heart and soul. Here's a sampling of the lyrics:

Honey why are you calling me so late
It's kinda hard to talk right now
Honey why are you crying is everything okay
I gotta whisper cause I can't be too loud
Well, my girl's in the next room
Sometimes I wish she was you
I guess we never really moved on


It's funny that you're calling me tonight
And yes I've dreamt of you too
And does he know you're talking to me
Will it start a fight
No I don't think she has a clue
Well my girl's in the next room
Sometimes I wish she was you

Okay, so this is a song about some woman who calls her ex-boyfriend in the middle of the night because she had a fight, knowing FULL WELL that he is with some other woman. And he encourages her, even lets her know that yeah, his subconscious has been two-timing his current lady-friend in his sleep! And this song is popular! Like they play it on the radio ALL THE TIME. It irritates me to no end that these are the kinds of values that are being promoted in our society. Bah, humbug!

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