Saturday, November 04, 2006


Kevin and I were looking at our respective insurance plans today (the bank is going through active enrollment right now, which means that the insurance I only just became eligible for, I have to re-enroll in it. that is a crappy sentence. sorry!) and I was (not surprisingly, really) amazed at the sexist undertones throughout the coverage.

Covered: prostate screenings for men, at any age.

Not covered: mammograms for women, before age 35.

Really, I don't understand it. I think it's ridiculous that men are able to go get screened for prostate cancer without having an age threshold, while women are forced to wait until they are thirty five before their yearly mammogram is covered by their insurance. Kevin said "well, it's because there are very few men who would go for that test before they have to have it done." So what, I say! It's drilled into women's brains that self-exams for breast cancer should be done starting at a young age, that waiting until you're thirty or forty or forty-five is too late. Why are insurance companies so cheap that they won't cover something that will probably save millions of dollars down the road and the lives of all those women whose cancer is caught early?

It really makes you realize who's in charge when it comes to our health.

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C said...

Stupid insurance companies!!!

Oh by the way the Irish author I was telling you about is Marian Keyes, and it is a sereis about sisters that starts with Watermelon.