Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Unfinished Story of Alien Kitty

Last night, Kevin and I were sitting on his couch, watching a movie. All of a sudden, during an especially dramatic part of "The Brian that Wouldn't Die"* (yes, that really is the name of the movie, and no, I didn't make the selection), this thing pops up outside Kevin's living room window! We realize it's a really tiny kitten, but seriously, it looked like an alien!

It kind of popped its head up, took a quick look inside, and scurried away. Then, tonight, as we were outside watching the cops at the neighbors' house yet again, Alien Kitty came to visit! He zipped up on the porch, fast as lightning, and wanted to be petted. He's a terribly little thing, super skinny, so naturally we threw him off of the porch.


Actually, we did pet him quite a bit, and for something so small, he's sure got a healthy set of lungs! This became especially evident as he started hissing at another stray cat, a little white thing we've named Voldemort**. We started calling Alien Kitty "Mork," but I'm not sure I like that name. Any suggestions of alien names?

*ETA: The movie is actually named "The Brain that Wouldn't Die," and it has nothing to do with Brians. My apologies!

**Voldemort is thusly named because he's white and has evil eyes, especially when headlights shine on them.

***The Alien Kitty illustration was created by me, and I think I did a pretty awesome job!


Kristin said...

Wait! Now was this movie "The Brain that wouldn't Die" or "The Brian that wouldn't Die"...makes quite a difference. I hate those pesky Brian's that want to stay alive.
As for Alien Kitty...I always imagined Voldemort to appear kinda alien-like so I think some name switching might be in order. But you could always name Alien Kitty Harry Potter...for his dislike of Voldemort and also because Harry Potter is a little alien like as well...I mean, an invisibility cloak? That sounds quite alien like. Or you could go with Alf...he was a kick-ass alien.

Nicole said...

We have Chester, our "fake cat", Sassy-cat, Hitler-cat and Cambell's-soup-cat. So we will never judge you on Alien Kitty or Voldemort.