Saturday, November 05, 2011

More Adventures in Deutschland!

Kevin and I are going to Germany!

We're going in June of 2013 to enjoy Luthers Hochzeit, which celebrates the marriage of Katharina von Bora and Martin Luther. It's basically the biggest weekend of the year in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. I wrote about it in 2005, and I also described some of the awesome things I bought while I was there!

I reread what I wrote and I'm super excited about the pineapple on a stick, Knobibrot, and the meat (#twss).

We're going with Bridget and whomever else wants to go with us, basically. Our plan is to make Berlin our home base, but who knows where we'll go. I never did get to spend a lot of time in Dresden, but it really depends on how long we'll be there (we haven't gotten past the "we're going to Germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!!!!!!!" stage).

Plenty of time to plan, though :)

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