Friday, November 09, 2012

Almost ready to go!

And I don't want to forget to blog, so here's a lame list of things I need to do before my ride to the airport gets here in 2 hours.

  • get dressed
  • finish packing suitcase (shoes, toiletries)
  • clean out purse and/or find a smaller, closeable purse
  • get clothes out of the dryer which just buzzed
  • put the clean sheets on the bed
  • put dishes away
  • find something to eat
  • tidy up the living room
  • iron the packing wrinkles out of my new jacket

Alright! Gotta get going! If I can, I'll update this post with what got finished (and therefore what did not!). TRAVEL DAYS ARE SO STRESSFUL AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Edit: Wow, I actually got it all done! Unbelievable! (The living room is not completely tidied up but I did start!)

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