Sunday, November 03, 2013

Day three

I don't know what to blog about and it's only three days in. But technically this is a post.

I did go through my clothes today. I got rid of a surprisingly huge amount of clothes. I could probably get rid of more but I am not ready to get rid of all of them yet. What would I wear? Oh wait, I would just keep wearing the same seven outfits to work and the same three t-shirts and cardigans that I wear on the weekend. Woo? I think this means that maybe I need to refresh my wardrobe a bit.

I'm getting my hair cut and colored this weekend. It's that time of year so I'll be going with my usual darker shade. And I've been growing my hair out which I will continue to do, but maybe a slightly different style? Not sure yet. So much going on this week!

Stay tuned for updates since I will be doing this all. month. long.

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K said...

For when you need ideas about what to blog about