Saturday, November 02, 2013

Day two

I almost forgot to blog and it's only day two!

I just got back from a Toledo Walleye game with my cousin's four year old. I can't say that I often hang out with four year olds, but he was a pretty good hockey buddy. He was so well behaved and seemed to have a really great time. I would definitely take him again!

We started packing for real today. Three bookshelves and we needed around 15 boxes and we're still not 100% done with the books! My projects for tomorrow are to go through my clothes and sort out what I don't want to keep, plus pack up my summer clothes and anything that I won't wear in the next month or so. I also want to pack up as much of my craft s...tuff as I can. I am NOT looking forward to it, especially since I want to try to pack it as logically as I can so that when I unpack it at the new house, it's not completely ridiculous. We'll see how that goes.

I need to start keeping track of places where I will need to change my address once we move. Any suggestions on doing that so I don't inadvertently have something shipped to the old house?

This moving stuff is for the birds.

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